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Flames of the Exiled

Countless prayers cast into silent skies, from under cold clouds or silver stars, seem to be left utterly unanswered. The skies remain silent; and the woodland wolves bring hell, and all its devils, to the innocent child. Thus, in time, all kingdoms built with fortitude are doomed to be ruled by spells of fear, sorrow, and pain...

Still, the children pray. The clouds gather, the woods darken, the wind dies, and the children pray.

Current Condition:

(Phase One)

First Book: 11th Draft

Second Book: 3rd Draft

Third Book: 3rd Draft

(Phase Two)

Fourth Book: 1st Draft

Fifth Book: 1st Draft

Sixth Book: 1st Draft

(Prequel Phase)

Seventh Book: 3rd Draft


Bit of Background

(From Blog #1)

Here's a bit about my project's journey so far...

When I was eight, one of my brothers told me I should create a story by stapling together my drawings of 'Peter, Son of Aragorn'. That story became 'Chapter One' of a larger story that--when I was eleven--I decided to type into a word document on the family computer. A few weeks later, I decided to detach the story from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, and I began to build a different fantasy world for it. In the nine years since then, my project has grown and transformed many times; and it is now quite close, I believe, to becoming a thing somewhat intelligible.

So, if plunging into a new world of old monsters, fey magic, and thrilling mystery sounds fun to you, then stick around and check out some of the bits and bobs I'm preparing to post!