Introducing: THE NARRATOR

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

This is an extract from the end of my first book, Silent Skies.


27 years after The Exile

So, our tale of the Exiled is begun.

When I penned my first thoughts on this story, I hadn’t the faintest inkling that I might later use my notes to exonerate the accursed Taranor. I only wrote them because I am a man attracted to chronicles.

With all the confusion, frustration, and bitterness rising in the wake of this recent chaos, I feel it is essential that someone shine a light on what is now our history. I hope to burn away the superfluous, to leave us with the purities of this story — the undisclosed truth, to the best of my abilities.

I’m used to telling tales with an orchestra or — at the very least — a piano, but we shall see what these words may win in the name of verity. This is a story engrained in the truth told to me by the many people I have travelled with. You will be able to verify that the events are factual. Make what conclusions you will with them but do not deny their reality.

It began 7 years before The Exile — during one of the very first years of Durnam’s second age. The Old Wars had ended at the zenith of the first age and were fading already from the minds of many. They were no more than mythos and parable —to say nothing of the Timeless Wars before them. The second age had no name for many years, and it was unclear when it began or what it would bring us.

Now, I call it ‘The Age of the Exiled’. That, I believe, is a significant part of the legacy of your uncle, Arvenix…

Forgive me; I should make a proper introduction:

If you are old enough, you might remember this. If you are young enough, you have imagined it. If you are wise enough, you may even believe it.

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