Wilson's Promontory

Updated: May 8, 2021

Little birds in little beach trees

Little thoughts drift with the breeze

Little eye on little cloud

Little feet trek through the shroud

A grand crow on a grand quest

Unzipping packs, puffing chest

A grand view from mountain-path

A grand ocean stretching vast

Laughing hikers, talking farts

Broken packs and bouncing hearts

Laughing people, by laughing healed

By conversations far afield

Warm sun in a warm sky

Warm colours from it fly

Sun sets and colours fade

Woods rest in quiet shade

Quiet zephyrs and crashing waves

From quiet rain, quiet tent saves

Salty sand before salty sea

Souls of salt by selflessness free

Cold feet in cold waters

Cold wind, cold tortures

Sore muscles love the cold

Sore minds long for the old

For the child in the ancient

The simple in the clever

For the gold in the green

The spirit saying, "Forever!"

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